The Salida & Western RR

an 0n30 layout

0n30 layout
The Salida & Western has been moved from the garage to the basement rec room. It was a bit dusty and chilly out in the garage.

passenger train

The base consists of 2" styrofoam just resting on the shelf. I built a framework around it to add to it's appearance.

long view

I had to cut down on the length because of the space available. It was 16' long, it's now only 12'.

gravel works

west side

Here's the station and the western end of the yard showing the stock yard and fuel co.

overall shot

An overall shot. I borrowed this switch list idea from Bart and modified it to fit the Salida yard. Since all the industries are contained here and I'm too lazy to change the numbers on the cars, it won't matter which car is set out as long as it matches the type car on the switch list. All freights will be "extras" and the only scheduled train will be the passenger.
overall shot

overall shot

overall shot
There's not much scenery done yet, but as work progresses more
photos will be added to show the progress.

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