Equipment Roster


No.20; a coal burning Baldwin 4-6-0

RGS No. 20 is a coal burning 4-6-0 and is gradually taking over some of the duties of No. 25. It was purchased in 2000 and is a Bachmann Anniversary 10 Wheeler. It has an RCS Radio Control System installed along with a Sierra sound system.

No.22; a coal burning Baldwin 4-6-0

RGS No.22 is also a coal burner and a Anniversary 10 wheeler. .

No.25; a coal burning Baldwin 4-6-0

No. 25 was the first locomotive purchased for the garden railroad. It is the workhorse of the railway, used mainly for freight service. It was part of a Bachmann starter set purchased in 1987. It came lettered for the Rio Grande Southern and it stayed that way. It has been weathered and the tender moved closer to the engine. The drive train was converted to a BBT 460 in early 1993 when the original drive train crapped out. It has run flawlessly ever since. In June of 1999, I installed a Soundtraxx Sierra Sound system and an RCS R/C Battery system.

No. 12; a wood burning Baldwin 4-6-0

No. 12 is a leased D&RG locomotive used mainly for passenger service and is kept in immaculate condition for this reason. It is also a Bachmann 4-6-0 and was purchased in 1994 and has a BBT460 drive installed. The tender has been moved closer and has a CMI steam sound system.

No.455, a Baldwin 2-8-2 K-27

No.455 is a coal burning Mikado that has the drivers inside the frame. These were purchased by the D&RG Railroad and labeled K-27's.The RGS leased 2 of them prior to purchasing 455. It has been re geared and RCS and a Pheonix sound system installed

No. 42; A coal burning Baldwin 2-8-0

No.42 is a coal burning Consolidation purchased in the spring of 2002. It's undergone some modifications in the RGS shops and has just recently joined the fleet.

No. 1; a coal burning Porter 0-4-2T

No. 1 is a converted 0-4-0T. It has had a larger coal bunker installed and trailing trucks were added to handled the increased weight. It has been extensively weathered. No. 1 is lettered for the Coal Creek Lumber Co. which is a small lumber and ore transporting branch line with a connection to the R.G.S. No. 1 is a Bachmann Porter purchased in 1993 and shares a discarded 4-6-0 chuff unit built into a bobber caboose with Coal Creek Lumber Co.'s other engine.

Coal Creek Lumber Co. No. 11; a coal burning 2 truck Shay

No.11 is used on the Coal Creek lumbering branch. (It's been modified with RCS, Batteries, and Sierra Sound)

No. 3; a coal burning Porter 2-4-2T

No. 3 shares the workload on the Coal Creek branch with No.1. It's used mainly when the consist is too much for no. 1 to handle, which happens more frequently lately, due mainly to improved economic conditions. It has also been weathered and the original lettering left in place. (I liked the name, so it stayed). No. 3 is a Bachmann (Spectrum) Porter 2-4-2T that was added to the roster in 1995.

Railbus No. 109

During 2000, A Railbus was added to help out with the mail and passenger traffic. These loco's are presently undergoing new paint and lettering. Pix will follow when they are done.

Live Steam

Ft Wilderness RR N0. 4

Recently acquired was a live steam 2-4-2 sidetank engine and 3 coaches to be used mainly for excursion service. It presently resides on the mantle in the living room.

Maintenance of Way Equipment

Snowplow No. 003

Currently, the R.G.S only owns one piece of MoW equipment. No. 003 is a V-blade snowplow built in the R.G.S. shops to help keep the mainline open as long as possible during the heavy winter snows. The R.G.S. management used to ask for help from the D&RG, but during a few bad winters, the D&RG management was hard pressed themselves and had no equipment to spare. No. 003 has earned it's keep since then.

No. 003 was scratchbuilt from plans that appeared in the Oct-Nov 1992 issue of Garden Railways Mag. and was my first attempt at scratch building a railroad car.

Rolling Stock

Rolling stock consists mainly of various kit-built, and ready-to-run cars from Bachmann, some lettered for R.G.S, D&RGW, and other names from that area. I've scratch-built five skeleton log cars and a flat car with a Mack truck load for the Coal Creek branch from plans in Garden Railways Mag. Most of the cars have been weathered and body-mounted couplers have been added. Metal wheels have slowly replaced the stock plastic wheels. In the works are 2 Hartford disconnect kits

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