New Yard Photo's

Construction of the bigger yard area......A new turntable, engine house and the coal tipple are in place.

The Finished yard...........

A new station in Delores was built based on the Depot in Placerville(with some artistic license)...........

The interchange at Burns Jct. On the left is Mills Mining co and to the right is the entrance to the basement Interchange(fiddle yard and car storage).

The ore bins at Mills Mining Co.
The green building is Mills Manufacturing, a part of Mills Mining.

During the winter of 1997, construction of a coal tipple was started.
After many false starts and redesigns, and with the purchase of some redwood from Eldorado Railways, construction was
started again during the winter of '99.

The design is loosely based on the tipple in Chama, NM.

The Delores Yard with the engine house, turntable and coal tipple ready to service the RGS.

RGS #20 does some switching in Mancos

WBX1 backing up the grade to Burns Jct and the Interchange.

#20 pulling into Hespus

WBX1 pulles into Delores after finishing it's run.

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