Rio Grande Southern

The Rio Grande Southern yard at Delores is the main yard for the layout. Burns Jct. serves as an Interchange to the outside world. Most loads and empties originate here. Mills Mining Co. has a siding for loading ore and for a manufacturing plant. Mancos has a freight shed for loads going there. This is the track plan for Phase 1. Phase 2 will extend off here along the porch to an area where the above ground pool once stood.

Phase 2 will include the town of Hesperus and the Coal Creek Logging area. The actual track work differs a bit from this plan, but this gives you the idea.

Delores Yard

Burns Jct is located inside the garage. It's what can be described as a "Fiddle Yard" where trains are made up and stored when not in use.

Mills Jct consists of Mills Manufacturing and Mills Mining Co.

Mancos has a small station and freight house served by a small siding.

Delores Yard has an engine house, Turntable and coaling tower.
West Bound Extra2{WBX2} enters Delores after switching at Burns Jct.

Hesperus is the largest town on the layout, with a large Depot and numerous industries.,

Coal Creek logging area consist of a passing siding and a spur to a log dump and pond. There's a small sawmill planned for this area.

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