Rio Grande Southern

old layout

new construction

When planning the new layout, I decided to use a spline as a base for the track. This consisted of a 1"x2" plastic composite known as TrimPlank with 1" spacers in between.

The old retaining wall made of PT landscape ties was in bad condition in spots. I decided to tear it out and replace it with an E P Henry block retaining wall.

Once the first course is set in and leveled, the rest goes up pretty quickly. Skip inspects the work so far.

Miniature roses were then used to soften the look of the block wall and as a separation between the wall and a planned walkway.

Skip takes a break in the pool after a hard day of inspecting the work.

Track is down and trains are running!!

Work on the walkway has commenced.

Progress on the walkway. E P Henry pavers were used for this.

The shay and log train testing out the new track work.

Hand layed stub turnout.

preliminary track plan
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More pix of the layout expansion(summer 2009)