Rio Grande Southern Garden RR

Layout Photos

No 25 waits at the Delores station for it's orders.

No 25, orders in hand, heads out to it's first stop, Mancos, do do some switching.

Mancos has a small team track next to the station for LCL freight.

After dropping off his car, No 25 backs up to pick up the rest of his cars.

Next stop is Burns Jct. in the background.

Dropping off the caboose next to the engine house.

After a refill from the tank, she'll head on down to the coal tower.

No. 20 gets a load of coal from the yards tipple.

Running on to the turntable before backing into the engine house.

455 backs off the turntable.

Overhead shot of Delores Yard.

455 pulls into Coal Creek.

455 pulls into Hesperus.



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