Pix from Keddie and the Canyon

Pix from Tehachapi Loop

Colorado 2004

Cajon Pass trip

Aerial view of Cajon Jct at the bottom of the pass

BNSF eastbound

May, 2003......
On my trip to San Diego to visit my brother, I took a side trip that weekend and drove to Las Vegas. This trip had a couple of firsts for me, one being driving through the desert and the other being in Las Vegas. On my drive back to my brother's, I took Rte 95 south to Needles Ca. and then east along I-40. Lots of railfan spots along that route. I also managed to find Cajon Pass and stopped at the famous railfan
location and , boy was I impressed.......Where these shots were taken is actually called Cajon Jct and is located off I-15 and Cleghorn Canyon Rd.


In the foreground is the rear of the train while in the middle of the picture
you can see the mid part of the train.....
Beyond the towers is the engine, just out of view behind the hills......

UP freight west bound

A UP freight westbound

BNSF westbound

No sooner had one train passed then this westbound BNSF freight  came into view
on the higher line.......

into Victorville

I took this shot from Interstate 15 a couple hundred yards west of the other shots.
Devore, Ca.is just beyond the hills in the back ground.

intermodel westbound

What a view!!

The Summit

More about Cajon Pass

Some views from Cajon Summit

intermodel westbound

This shot was taken from the summit looking west towards Cajon Jct.

intermodel westbound

UP freight is entering the mainline on the summit westbound.

intermodel westbound

BNSF frieght heads down hill with 4 SD-70's on the head end.

Aerial View of the Pass
intermodel westbound

Sacramento and Redding Ca. 

Railfan Trip

In July, 2003 Sacramento Ca. hosted the 19th Garden Railway Convention. To take advantage of this trip to California, Pete Eggink, Tom Weaver, Dick Dabney and Jack Wrightman and I decided to arrive a few days early and and spend some time touring some of the railroad history of the Northern California and Oregon area.

Next to the Redding, Ca train depot I spotted this steam donkey on display at the Bus station....

On the siding at Redding Depot.....

From Redding we traveled east and visited Mt. Lassen, an extinct valcano.

Further north, on the way to Oregon we passed Mt Shasta and came accross an obscure little RR in
Weed, Ca.

The Office......

The View........

CO&P engines with MT Shasta in the background..........


On the way home from Oregon, Pete and I along with his son Davy, traveled to the Feather River Canyon and the Keddie Wye....

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Pix from Keddie and the Canyon

Pix from Tehachapi Loop

Colorado 2004